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"We had a Mauritian Curry Medium a couple of nights ago and enjoyed it so much I went to your website and here I am, ordering more!" IH. Bath. Oct 2014

"May I congratulate you on an excellent product range - actually, this order is a gift to satisfy demands from office colleagues, who were spoilt near Christmas, when they had a taste of a curry (made with your spice kit!), which I took in to the office. Everybody raved over the taste!! Among the colleagues are people from Pakistan, India - Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai, and the Philippines (whoops - also British). Each will be given a spice kit to create at leisure, and all have assured me that the unique fragrant spice blend has been one of the better experiences in a somewhat dull culinary life here in UK.
(And we live in the Birmingham Curry Triangle!!).
M.V, Wolverhampton Feb 2014

"My lady-friend and I agree that your curry packs are far beyond what can be procured locally... phenomenal flavour and competitively priced."
PR Atlanta, USA, Dec 2012

"Hi, received my packs of Durban hot curry and have a wonderful beef curry prepared for dinner this evening - feel like I am back in Durban. Best curry in the World - thanks, Werner. "
SB Nr Bath Oct 2012

"I made a chicken and prawns curry with my Mauritian curry powder and it came out too wonderful for words. Can hardly wait for lunch".
LVS Illinois Sept 2012

"An African friend of mine gave me a "medium" Durban Curry as a gift, and it was outstanding!!
Hence the order for some more.. they will also make ideal packs to take on our camper trips in our Land Rover Dormobile as well as more usual indoor cooking :-)" MH July 2012

"I am making a lovely lamb curry for dinner tonight. Got to get some more Werner Durban-Curry - kits : They are awesome! Just used my last two :(". DL-A Cambridge June 2012

"Made my babotie last night.. it is so simple to make and my family really loved it. Will definately be ordering a few more packs along with a selection of the curries. We are all big fans so if anybody is reading this who has not tried the range.. GO ON AND BUY a few packs.. you wont regret it.. and your family will love you for it :-D" JC Feb 2012
"The new Mauritian curry was the best curry I had in a long time. Let me know when more is available! Many thanks for the sample." JV Jan 2012.

"Our 9-year old son made Lamb Curry last night with Werner's Original Curry mix. Better than most curry's I've eaten. If a 9-year old can make awesome curry, anyone can. " SA Shop Owner & Stockist.

"We're getting quite a British following for the Durban Curries. Great stuff! " South African Shop March 2011.

"just stocked up on a few more packets and shared some out with saffa friends and adventurous locals here.. everyone loves it !! thank you once again for such tasty curry." JC. Gloucester. Nov 2010.

"Many thanks, I am a huge fan of your product and make sure that everyone I meet knows about it :) "
Rob. Surrey. Nov 2010

"The Durban curry i bought from you was fantastic.....I will be buying loads more!"
AW. Merthyr Tydfil. Nov 2010

"they're great I got mine from no1 South Africa shop loved it couldn't find any mutton tho but still chicken worked well".
Deane. Oct 2010

"Ours arrived the next day, thanks. We had a marvellous chicken curry tonight - bunny chow next time x".Lesley.Oct 2010

"thanks for giving us such delicious curry powders so far from home" Jacki. Jul 2010.

"Absolutely delicious, and I'm not a cook." Lizette, Shrewsbury. June 2010.

"Hello, I'm sorry I've left this til the last day in May, but is the buy 2 get 1 free still valid? I do hope so because I LOVE these curries!" Jennifer, Bristol. May 2010.

"My boyfriend misses durban a lot so i bought the hot curry for him to try and he said its one of the best he has ever had, so i thought i'd give extra hot a try as well this time!" Jenny, Essex. May 2010.

"These are excellent spice packs and very authentic in taste. I think the trick is to use fresh tomato and not tins."
Val, Gloucestershire. Feb 2010.

"Werner The taste is the real thing! Lekker! Thanks very much. I'll certainly buy it again and recommend it to homesick Saffas and curious adventurous locals. Cheers Mike (a genuine Durbanite)". Mike, Gloucester. Oct 2009.

"Hi Werner. Just wanted to say that the curry was divine. We've only ordered the medium and frankly that's hot enough for us. We've done it with lamb and beef, and I have to admit that the beef is definitely the best! We'll definitely be back for more!" Michelle. Surrey. Oct 2009.

"Howzit!, Just to say thanks, the curry we ordered was really yummy". C.M. London. Oct 2009.

"I have been trying to duplicate a 'Durban Curry' for my husband, we have been living in the Uk for the past 8 years and he misses South African curry terribly, and at last !!!! I have found all the spices required in one packet, so easy to make and absolutely amazing !!!! thank you so much". S.M. Bristol. Oct 2009.

"Hi Werner, Curries arrived safely. We have made one already – wow to die for, absolutely wonderful.
Many thanks I will be back for more. Regards, Geoff". Geoff, Kent. Oct 2009.


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