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SA Durban Curry Natal style Spice and recipe

Making Durban Curry
since 1995

Werner has been making this delicious curry for friends and family since 1995 and has finally bowed to demand for the recipe by producing this 'all inclusive' spice packet so you can create this Durban style Curry in your own home.

This has taken all the hassle out of having to go to many spice shops to find all the ingredients needed, and often the overstocking of an item or two.

Based in London, we mix each of these lovely curry packs by hand, so variations in strength may occur.

Orders of 5 packs or more will automatically receive an extra packet (same strength as the most ordered) for FREE.
These will make a great XMAS extra for any Saffer or curry lover.

We sincerely hope you love this product and look forward to hearing from you personally with any comments.

Enjoy with a good glass of red wine.














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